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Saturday, September 16, 2006

   want to know all about me?
Games:resident evil 4,2&3,metal gear soild games,
silent hill games,burnout 3,kingdom hearts 1&2,FF games,and all of the games that is rated M.well not all of them^_^.
Music:metal,rock,gothic metal,&little bit of rap.
Characters:solid snake,leon s. kennedy,claire redfield,chris redfield,albert wesker,ada wong,jack
krauser,ashley graham,inuyahsa,vash,duo maxwell,
samus aran,hunk(RE4&2)&joanna dark.
Movies:resident evil 1&2,ultraviolet,gundam wing endless waltze&all of inuyashs movies.
OST's:resident evilOST's(all of them)and FF7:AC.

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