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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Don't steal any of the crappy stuff I have in this site, if YOU do i'll hunt you down and kill you.
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September Layout : How old are you?
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Ysianel is the name also known as Lenaisy (lenaisy is ysianel spelled backwards). 01/05/92 is my D.O.B, and is currently 14 yrs old and attending Maples Colligiate as a freshmen. I spended 10 yrs of my life in the Philippines and is now living here in Canada. I love Graphic and all, but my life is mostly all about anime, which is why I made this Otaku your in right now. I was a member since 07/29/2005, But i took a 3 months hiatus. One lasting if you need anyhelp just ask and I'll try to help but please don't ask me for the DIV LAYOUT Code cause it's not mine to give out so just go to the credits area for that. Sign the Guestbook, Friend Me, And I'll be doing the same right back at you. Enjoy


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ok too start is chibim's 15 b-day today wheee...

- yeah so today my whole buddy is aching like hell from yesterday, because me and my friends skipped the school dance and walk to place and go to the mall, we were walking for about approx. 4 and half hours phew. and then yeah went window shopping in this anime store then i saw a weiss kreuz wallscroll and i was all like chibim would like this for her gift... and all that but my problem is i'm broke haha well yeah i need to ask for money haha to buy gifts for krel and chibim haha...

-well yeah the other day we had this really awfully fucking/racist sub and all that, and yes i said racist she called this student "black" and we were all like u bitch so fucking racist man u should go and die in hell and all dat stuff, urgh and she also made us right "i will not forget my novel" 50 times and i was all like urgg where not kids u know ...so yeah man i hate her she's the worst sub u could ever have... and then 1 time she was calling our name for attendance and then she called this guy named kyle and she said "cow" and we were like laughing like hell man god she's gay...

- well yeah my friends and i ws planning to go play tble tennis/badminton during the spring break... that'll be lots of fun hehehe... another good news is our evily strict math/french teacher is going to leave april 6 for her operation or something but yeah the good thing is we don't have to see her for a long time (i knoe it sounded mean, but yeah we don't like her) so yeah hope u guys have a great day...

- ha change the theme its gravitation, i had this done like 1 month ago and just store it in my freewbs site... i just used it because chubbi chibies sign my gb and i saw her avi and all so i was like w/e i'll use this theme for now hehe... well yeah ja