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Monday, February 27, 2006


Don't steal any of the crappy stuff I have in this site, if YOU do i'll hunt you down and kill you.
Ask for help.


September Layout : How old are you?
Feat. : Bella Swan and Edward Cullen
From : Twilight


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Ysianel is the name also known as Lenaisy (lenaisy is ysianel spelled backwards). 01/05/92 is my D.O.B, and is currently 14 yrs old and attending Maples Colligiate as a freshmen. I spended 10 yrs of my life in the Philippines and is now living here in Canada. I love Graphic and all, but my life is mostly all about anime, which is why I made this Otaku your in right now. I was a member since 07/29/2005, But i took a 3 months hiatus. One lasting if you need anyhelp just ask and I'll try to help but please don't ask me for the DIV LAYOUT Code cause it's not mine to give out so just go to the credits area for that. Sign the Guestbook, Friend Me, And I'll be doing the same right back at you. Enjoy



well hihi ok so yeah had a very dirty//paintful day today... we primed our class and all that so yeah w/e... let's c o yeah me and chibim went balistic around our other friend talking about naruto fillers ahhh 6 more weeks means about 5 to 6 more filler episode... and yeah for no reason me and chibim started talking about dogs and all dat during class we were like barking and stuff hehe we get crazie around her and she get's all wtf r u guys talking about ( she's not an anime fan like me moi and chibim) well yeah then during math class we had this subtitute who like laughed very weird and funny in front of the class... haha everyone ws like haha wth is that man....

well yeah i red chibim'c post today and yes i agree i wanted to change the layout too but then we have to wait ti'll march 16 for saint patricks day i think well yeah i just gave you a clue on wat our layout we'll be ( well not really) oh yeah while i'm typing this post i'm change the color of my upcoming layout cause chibim said so dat both our layouts will be the same color.... mine used to be purple well yeah but then i change it and all so yeah just wait for it ok well w/e i'm off to watch suzuka now hehe well yeah.... weee 6 more weeks haha nonsense lol bybeye