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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

ayashi no ceres has come to an end and new gundam seed series


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Ysianel is the name also known as Lenaisy (lenaisy is ysianel spelled backwards). 01/05/92 is my D.O.B, and is currently 14 yrs old and attending Maples Colligiate as a freshmen. I spended 10 yrs of my life in the Philippines and is now living here in Canada. I love Graphic and all, but my life is mostly all about anime, which is why I made this Otaku your in right now. I was a member since 07/29/2005, But i took a 3 months hiatus. One lasting if you need anyhelp just ask and I'll try to help but please don't ask me for the DIV LAYOUT Code cause it's not mine to give out so just go to the credits area for that. Sign the Guestbook, Friend Me, And I'll be doing the same right back at you. Enjoy


ok so me done the whole series of ayashi no ceres and now moving on to chobits hehehe and it's actually going really good.

ok so my friend chibim made a post and she said there's someone who comment her saying theres going to be a third series of gundam seed but the thing is it has a crappy title " gundam seed the break" well atleast that wat she's been told but i'm still looking forward on who are the 3 characters going to be from the old one (says there only going to pick 3 char. from the old one) well kk bye bye don't have any homework today so i'll spend my tome watching chobits see ya