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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

^w^ Im a vampire tee hee
Except for the fact I haven't had a craving for human blood and I went in the sunlight, I think I really am a vampire... you know with that dream I had and whatnot

Yeah... My cable got turned off, therefore,. my interweb should be off right about now. However, what they do when they turn your cable off is, now dont mind the technical jargon, they put a little filter thing on the little cable thing. If you take that off, you have cable again! So my mom went out there and took it off and I can now update my site ^__^

But, in case it goes away again, I want you all to know I luff you! *mwah* And for your entertainment, this quiz. Just read the result over and over angain until I update again. Or for those of you who have lives, Just read it and then go do something fun until I update again
You connect with pain mentally, your mind analyizes
every thing around you, your brain never stops
even when you are sleeping, that is why you
usually have headaches, another problem you
have which is insomnia, you can't sleep easily,
you have to think at least one hour before you
sleep, you are responsible and creative, you
don't trust people easily that is why you like
to do every thing by yourself, the best cure
for you is to calm down and slow down things in
your life, you don't have to carry the whole
world on your shoulders.

How do you connect with Pain? (updated)
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