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Monday, January 10, 2005

Woah. This is like the brightest my site has ever been. And frankly, I like it. On the bg you'll notice Aya of Psycho le Cemu. A very womanly man, but then again, has there ever been a manly man on my site?
Hanyway I felt my site need rejuvination, so I rejuvinated it. Its so happy now ^-^ Maybe Im just feelin haooy lately cuz Im gonna get Dir en Greys new cd!! *squeel*

In other, non squeeling news, I dreamt I was turned into a vampire. By Die. At Albertsons. With my gramma just standing and watching. I think it may mean something. Something like "Stop looking at pictures of Dir en Grey before you go to sleep! >_<"

I watched the movie Romeo and Juliet last night with my friend. It was the one with Leonardo Dicaprio. Hes so cute >v< Hanyway thats a sad sad mewvie. Everybody friggin dies >_< I actually new that before I watched the movie so I dont know why I was so saddened by it but...

Wow its early... 8.05 in the morning... Why the hell am I awake and posting?!Oh well who cares! Lets all go eat ramen! Or just me...

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