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Saturday, January 1, 2005

ahem. I am proud to say, the first thing I looked at this year, was Hyde ^_____^
I'd say thats a good indication this year is gonna kick ass.

Ooo Ooo!!
Damn there goes my mood. My sister is sitting behind me sobbing cuz she misses my brother who is currently in Oregon.

Oh well happy new year!

That last post was done at 12. This is now 4:30. Im about to piss myself. I watched Ju-On and now I feel things touching the back of my head, but hteres nothing there when I turn. I am seriously fluffin scared right now. I dont want to die >_< I sat under my blanket saying that over and over and over again until I finally came out here and typed this.

Oh wait for those of you who dont know, Ju-On is the original version of the Grudge...

I scared the s**t outta myself all over again when searching for pictures...

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