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Monday, June 11, 2007

Please sign this petition.

Hello, I'm Lelavadee. I absolutely adore my friends, to me they're are the most amazing people ever. [i miss them&&louisiana] I live in tx right now&& it's kinda fun.

I luv: fun, being hyper, smiling, boys, anime, music, shopping, clothes, and people who are just themselves;not posers.

I hate: liars, boredom, math, backstabbers, people who have nothing to say except for bad words.

You can pm me whenever u like, but if you keep saying things like comment my page, I'll be a little annoyed.

Rules[i guess]:
1.Don't be mean to anyone one on my site.
2.Try not to say to many bad words.
3.Please sign myn guestbook.
4.Have fun. =]

Please pass this on. It's exactly like a chain letter, but for a good cause! It's not some stupid superstitious crap - it's the real deal!

On a Hungarian cinema-Festival there was a short-movie which has the title "Hypocrite" in English (Álszent) and in one scene a little cat had been choked in bath. The scene is around 2 minutes long and it shows all the pain of the kitty, until death.

The director says that it's "artistic freedom", he can do anything for art, and he didn't cared about that it'd cause trouble for many people. And he said the cat was ill, so it'd have died. So far the movie was rewarded with money, the jury said that they believed it was a movie-effect, but it was the reality.

Here is the link for the video:


I advise you, it's not for the faint-hearted, it really is horrific. Here's the link for the petition:


Please please please sign this petition even if you don't want to watch the video!!

Both me (Emmah) and Silver star rose want to do more to get justice for this little kitten though, and that's why we want this to be passed on to EVERYONE you know!!

Please help us get justice for this little kitten, and please pass this letter on!! Thankyou.

Emmah and Silver star rose

Hey guys please sign this.

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