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Sunday, January 31, 2010

@Kiba: I finished the book in 3 days. Well, I stopped reading it in Chapter 5 then when the competition was 3 days away, I began to resume reading it. I think I was really worried those last 3 days.
@Little: That's just my mother and sister's nature. They always make me what they thought they can't.
@BritLaw: Hehehe! I think I got all the luck! I was just a point away from Leo's, Computer Science competitor, score. I'm really lucky!



I was out almost a month long for the competition... and... I WON! Yeah!!!

I'm totally happy but I felt sorry for saying "Hey, you're stuck at top 2, again!" to Leo, an old classmate who happened to be the school's representative for Computer category regional competition last week. I'm really... I still felt bad about saying those words to him...

I haven't told my parents, yet, that I won the competition but I think they got the message or idea that I did 'cause I just laid my medal on top of my drawer. Well, I don't have the plan to even tell them that I'm representing the department but my mom ask me what's happening in school so I just blurt it out plainly and unemotionally. I really felt stiff when I told her, like I'm kind of irritated and frustrated 'cause she's asking me such [dumb] questions which really aren't. sigh~ Oh well...

I think I'm getting my "LUCK" back. My aunt's going back to New Jersey tonight (hooray!), I'm having a small but roomful homemade bookshelf, and I received Joyce's letter a week ago. Oh, and, I might be able to resume my dental check-up. I haven't seen my dentist since last year's May. I'm sure she'll be mad at me when she sees me again. Another one, I received $2 from Paypal for joining their Facebook program. Last year, December, at first I thought it was a scam but when I saw my Paypal account 15 days ago, I can't believe it. Man, if I knew that it was legitimate I would've added more friends in the list to make more money! Hehehe!

Okay, I wasn't able to watch any of the school's foundation program. And the town's fiesta is on the way... I don't know when classes will resume... I still have to review 'cause my professors postponed their exams until after the foundation day... or maybe after the town's fiesta. I'm getting hype just reliving my scores from my last exam. I'm getting good grades and/but I felt I haven't done my very best yet. Maybe I'll read more articles and books this month. And start self-studying some programming language or resume reading Japanese language materials.
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