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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haha um wow. I'm suprised this site still exists.
I totally forgot about it. Anyways alot has happened and I shall torture you all into reading my endless babbling. I'm less than a year away from graduating highschool. I decided that homeschooling is alot more productive for me. I almost have all A's, when I was in public schooling I had almost all D's. So this is a good thing even if I don't enjoy it. ):
I've been wanting to go into the art institute for a degree in culinary. I want to open my own little dessert shop type thing. :)
My friend says I surpass her grandmother in cooking skills, so I guess she's saying I'm a good cook? Haha thumbs up for me. :)
Anyway I'll be 18 in 3 months so I plan on moving out as soon as possible. My older sister moved out the second day she turned 18 so I don't think I'll be able to break her record. By the way, the guy she was engaged to, she didn't marry. She dumped him because he was a jackass.
I thought it was about time she opened her eyes to him, and relieved. If she married him I know for a fact she would be insanely unhappy. Not a good dude. :)
I guess that sums everything up. That was my pointless attempt to entertain you with my non exciting life. :D

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