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Thursday, July 23, 2009

hihi!! sending CDs via email isnt hard at all. angel zakuro i can send you some if you want =D
i have jeremy camp, aaron shust, ruth, red, mercy me, and martina mcbride...i found her to be very religious wether shes in that category or not. if you want any of them just let me know and give me your email. i would have to send each song individually though. so that means alot of emails :]
well my moms birthday was good. we didnt get to celebrate it till like midnight last night though. my parents are always gone so we had to wait awhile.
it is so hot outside the heat is actually visible lol. its ridiculous. I've been reading twilight... again. its such a good series. i'll be buying breaking dawn soon. i think breaking dawn is the best out of all four books. i can't wait for new moon to come out in theaters. jacob is the best <3
oh well thanks for the comments :] bye!!

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