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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hey guys. today i made my moms birthday cake. shes been dying to have a chocolate cake for awhile so i coated it in chocolate icing. i swear you can gain like 20 pounds just by looking at it. when my dad gets back from taking her to see a movie im going to give her my jeremy camp CD. Those of you who dont know who he is.. hes a christian musician.i have all of his CDs. the most horrible thing happened today. i needed vegetable oil to make the cake and my kitchen was deprived of that.so i had to walk to the nearest store which wasnt so near.. my parents werent home to give me a ride and i was babysitting so i had to bring my brother and sister. meaning to make them stop whining i had to buy ice cream. got major sunburn all for 1/3 cup of oil. i could have used apple sauce in place of oil but that makes the cake taste funny.
and if she doesnt like the cake i'll slowly break down and burn in shame. its also my cousins birthday. i talk to him on yahoo alot and i emailed him 3 CDs and hes very grateful. im glad he likes them. they were also christain CDs. hes very high in christianity like myself. he plays guitar and sings in a band at his church. i havent ever heard him play but im sure hes good. i guess thats it? thanks for reading my endlessly boring post :]

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