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Friday, July 27, 2007

Hii peeps

Hello~ How is every one today? good I hope. yesterday (well yesterday since I'm posting this at like 2 AM XD) was really boring.. for my sister, we had to go the horse place again, I brought a gundam model and painted it in the car XD. I got irritated after a while cause the owner's (of the horse place) dog has like an omega love for sticks of all sizes, including tiny sticks to huge sticks.. Its cute for a while until he shoves a huge stick on your leg and you scream in pain..that happened to me..ow. Another thing that irritated me was flies kept landing on me.. and everything. Geez what gets rid of those friggin things..

Today I also finished some art on dA. I feel like showing you one since you guys may never see it... hope you like it, it is Nobel Gundam From G Gundam.

Nobel Gundam - Colored by ~Kitty1000 on deviantART

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