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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Itsss sooo borring!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I was shocked by how long my last post was..o.o wow..

anyways, nothing much has happened. my cousins left a few days ago..oh.. did I mention they were like around 30? (If you did read my last post you would get why I said that just now..)
and..AC does stand for Air Conditioner??? it better...

Today me and my sis sat in our house that is being remodeled (and that hasn't been mention at all XD) and watched some anime. I think we watched Rozen Maiden, Higurashi and I watched Mushi-shi..and I liked it a lot. episode 2 was kinda nasty though..watch it for self and find out why it is.. oh. We brought the cats over w/ us to the house..eh. which was stupid cause one of the cats hid some were and we couldn't find him any were..my mom thought he had crawled into the wall though. My sis got him though so he ish safe..
Oh. and about the house..which I have never mention before... We have been remodeling it for a while now and were living in the guest house which is across from the other house..
I'm hoping we finish remodeling it soon cause I need some were to put my anime crap XD.

Eh. yesterday I found out my wire thingie that you use to connect a video game console to the tv (its the one with the Red, white and yellow things on it) got melted on the heater..graaaatt..so we went to Best Buy and bought one.. but we got a BETTER and cheaper universal one at Circuit City. Best buy my butt...and I finally got one of those wire things that connect your GBA to your GameCube. YAY!

tomorrow I hope I can go swimming..

Eh. sorry for the confusing post.


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