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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   yay. sumthing interesting..

This September were gonna go to Kumori-con.. not sure what day it is, but its In portland OR..yay 3 hours away from where I live! and not half across the country..or in another country lol. Eh I probably won't cosplay..maybe as Mion Sonozaki..that be kinda hard though since my hair is short.. eh. at least its a chance to see something of Gundam..which is like practically unheard of in my lameo town.. Oh. and yea, If I see a random person cosplaying as a Gundam character..I'll ask to take there photograph..no one can stop me!! >:D I hope we won't miss it like we missed Sakura-con back in april..cause I'm DIEING to go.. eh. If you feel like going to Kumori-Con heres there website for info: http://kumoricon.com/.

Today sucked. as usual.. We saw the Harry Potter movie. AGAIN. Sigh. Harry Potter 5th movie was ok I guess, its was confusing though.. But thats what I get for not read the books XD. Eh. I wanna see Transformers movie again..ITS SOOO AWESOME!! :p.
Eh. I'm also getting kinda sick of my cousin Mike insulting Transformers and Gundam..>:( man.. if you feel like insulting something can you insult it to your self when you know your around a HUGE mega Mecha fan?? Well.. I should talk..My comeback was "Motercross is gay" (he likes motercross) eh. Its somewhat true..the outfits.. lol. I tried using the same thing with sports..like I said football is gay..eh. nothing works..sigh I suck at making comebacks...any good Ideas for comebacks?? I wanna get him for insulting Gundam..now i've been talking about that too long..lol.

I'm starting to wonder if people think I'm weird for liking models, transformers and mecha. and I'm only 13. sigh. do you guys think I'm weird? I hope not though. >.<.

Last night I didn't get much any sleep..eh.. my mom left this stupid retarded 70s show called "Buck Rogers in the 25th century" sumthing like that..I think thats what kept me awake..GAH that show is so retarded..even Startrek is less cheesy than that..
and whats with my mom in shows like that??!!! they scare me!! (cause its so retarded).
Umm what else happened today..I played Pokemon more..I played both Diamond and Firered. And I think I need a new DS soon..I had mine since 05 and the paint is wearing off, coco got spilled on the touch screen (and it still works), its been dropped a few hundred times (and still works, man, nintendo sure makes there stuff durable), the bottom of the DS is dented and the sticker thing on the bottom is scratching off, 2 Tamagotchi stickers are on the DS (That would be my fault ^^;), annnd the screen thing is loose..hmm if you want a DS be sure to get one if your looking for durable..

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna go beg my mom to go to the pool. its too freakin hot. oh. and she finally got an AC..when summer is half over..and its going in the window where all my Gundam stuff is..where am I gonna put that stuff where my cats can't break it?! AAAHH!!
Eh since this post is getting pretty long I should stop typing soon..maybe...probably..Eh. and that Minister of magic dude in Harry Potter is really dim. when he sees Voldmort at the end he's all like "HES BACK!!"..I think Harry was thinking..."NO DUH??" retard..

Oh..another thing is SD Gundam, I found out a new show thing came out called: "BB Senshi Sangokuden Fuuun Gouketsu Hen" and in english its: "BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Gathering of the Heroes Chapter" long anime name I'd say.. anyways, it just came out in Japan. I hope stupid bandai licenses it..They haven't licensed ANY of the SD Gundams..Sigh..and I really wanna see them..

SD GP02: I PWN UUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

   OMG!!!! IM SORRY (again)

Sorry! I haven't been on and didn't update!! sorry!! TT.TT hope your not mad..

Umm its been really busy recently, I might not be able to come on as often as I used to...

Today was boring, we went to town and me and my sister sat in a car for 2 hours waiting for my mom to get out of the store.. Then we went and ate at Panda Express..and I played Pokemon Diamond all day..even right now XD. My sister aslo got Pokemon Pearl..I have sucked her into Pokemon!! >:D

Um..Heres a Bionicle OP thingie I made with the theme song of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai..the clips are from the commercial thingie for the barraki..I didn't make the cgi..I'm not that smart..lol..tell me if you like it. and OMG!! yea its not anime!! SHOCK! looool. Ugh.. I need more sleep..

Online Videos by Veoh.com
Um yea. I like Bionicle. call me a freak nerd girl. I could care less..since thats what I am XD.

Hmmm if your wondering (and your probably not) whyyy the video is veoh, I'm thinking about using it more than Youtube cause a lot more people get flamed and insulted there..ITS STUPID!! and annoying!! So thats why I'm gonna use veoh more..not that anybody cares....and whyyyy am I posting this??
Here are the QUESTIONS!!!
1.What are the TWO most confusing things you have EVER encountered in life??
Algebra and CSS.

2.What do you think of my Bionicle video thingie???
I like it.. cause I made it..

3.What would you do if aliens invaded our planet?
I would tryyyy to become friends w/ them and if they didn't want to I'd go hide in a dark corner..maybe thinking of a way to stop them..

~Mi Chan

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm back

we were gone for a few days, wow.
I had fun. yayz. umm sorry for the short post, I have to go some were today so I might not be able to comment on anyones posts. sorry! T.T

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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ugh seems like I always post late at night so I never get much comments..

Today was really fun, I got some model paints, then we went to the mall, and I bought Elemental Gelade Volume 3 and 4, then we saw the 5th Harry Potter movie, which I thought was pretty good.
I also played more Summon Night, and I found out there was a Summon Night 3 for the PS2, and a 4th one coming out..and there's some other one for the PS2 I forgot the name of..I also found out there was a Higurashi no Naku Koro ni manga..which is not licensed! TT.TT

Tomorrow were gonna drive to Washington to see our cousin, so I won't be able to post tomorrow. I hope I have fun, and you guys have a good day..

I'm gonna try and upload my wallpapers when I get back from my cousins house, I hope they get uploaded..
I feel the need to buy more Gaogaigar anime volumes.. I only have the 1st volume..

ummm anyways, I made another icon, it is Gai (or Guy) from Gaogaigar, yay the icon turned out good.

As I said before, you can use it if you want, but please give me credit. please?

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Friday, July 13, 2007


OMG!!! I'm so sorry for not updating sooner! V.V Please forgive me. We were very busy.

The trip to the beach to see out grandma went well, it was fun. I think I like the Bandon beach better than..whatever the beach is called in florence OR..
It was really cool, we found a half alive Starfish.

The hotel was kinda creepy though. for some reason the phones were locked, and it was a smoking room..and it stank really badly. Also the cable TV kept breaking down..which was really annoying.. When we were at the Hotel..we went to sleep at 4 AM. I played Pokemon Diamond at 3 AM..which was interesting..

for some reason my wallpaper was not uploaded -.- I'll try it again later..
Hmm...Oh, I also got this gundam model in the mail (FINALLY). Its the HGUC Char Custom Zaku II..yay for Char!

Today I played Summon Night Sword Craft Story while we were at the Horse place. I also played Pokemon Diamond some more..
hmm..uh here are some icons I made:

Use them if you want, but please give me credit.

Also~ Thank you Angel Zakuro for doing my wallie request~ it Looks so great!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yea its me. currently I'm in a hotel with wifi at Coos Bay..Today we saw our grandma had dinner and when to the hotel. tomorrow were gonna see her again and go home..w00t! Eh sorry for the short post, tomorrow it'll be longer.

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

TT.TT ARG I can't think of a subject!

Hello. well. I only got 1 comment on my last post V.V *sigh* and it was coolio too...

Anyways, it is really hot today, Ugh, I wish it would rain, or snow! lol..

We are going to see our grandma at the beach today, *sigh* and it looks like were gonna get there at night. I hate when that happens, it sucks.

I made a new wallpaper.. Its a different one then the one I was originaly gonna upload. It's a Fullmoon wallpaper..but it hasn't been confirmed yet, cause I put it on last night. and it hasn't been 48 hours..anyways.. when you do see it, you should notice that is squished..Thats because I had to resize it for MyO...

Well today hasn't been very well.. I managed to comment on everyones page..yay..well..at least I think I did o.o.

I'm thinking about making some more fanarts, probably Gundam, Pokemon, etc..Do you think I should?

Hmm. another thing I did yesterday was looked SD Gundam on photobucket..Umm and my friend said NOT to look up Blood and Gore and photobucket...and my sister showed me what you get if you search that up on photobucket...umm..DON'T LOOK BLOOD AND GORE ON PHOTOBUCKET!! Waa! I'm glad I didn't get nightmares TT.TT

Umm, Here are some Questions:
1.Which anime character is currently your favorite?
Char Aznable!!!

2.If you saw the new Transformers movie what did you think of it?

3.Are you interested in seeing the 2nd season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?

4.Whats your current ONE favorite anime?
Mobile Suit Gundam

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   its 777!!!!!!!

Eh...you can tell this is gonna be another lame post.....

well today is 7/7/07, a freakish day, and next year in august is gonna be 8/8/08 O.o.

Well tomorrow we are going to see our grandma..but my sis (Chibi-Mashumaro I think?) already posted that..

Today was boring and it pretty much sucked..I put a portable computer desk together...by my self without screwing up once! which is rare when I put something together with screws or bolts.
I put some Gundam stuff on it..looks sweet....yay..

Today a computer magazine came in the mail (Um hello?? when is my Zaku model coming??! dang lazy post office..) and I actually read it..lol..apparently you can run windows on mac with some program...EH? HOW???!!

What else has happened today...Oh! I watched the Opening to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai..which is the 2nd season thats not out yet??
and I decided the opening to the new Gaiking thing PWWWNNNNNSSSS!!!!!! lol...

Heres the opening to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. I think its a different character designer.


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Friday, July 6, 2007

   End of 4th of July.

OMG sorry for not posting acctually on the 5th...

We saw the Transformers movie, it was reeeeaaally AWESOME!!!

We also went to some park to watch fire works, which was fun.

uh...nothing much happened today, I found a picture of the Zeong with legs....Ish cool looking XP.

Uhhh, what else did I do...Oh, Uh, I went to the horse place again....it was really hot, and I wanted to go home T.T.

SIGH well...Nothing much is gonna happen today..
That why this post is short and boring..WAA!!
OMG!! withOUT legs!!!

ZOMG!!!!!!!! WITH legs!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

yay! Happy 4th to every body!
Today we are gonna see the Transformers movie, finally! Its here! I've been wanting to see it so badly!

Hmm, I need to figure out how to edit my imeem playlist...for some reason Cartoon Heros (speedy verson) is on it..and thats not Jpop...I think I should rename it too..

Well I watched some more anime online today..I've been doing that a lot recently..well I list the ones I watched:

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight TV: Ep.1

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Ep.5

Gaiking Legend of Daiku Maryu: Ep.2

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Shadow Games: Ep.6

Kotetsushin Jeeg: Ep.2

well.. I'll probably watch Higurashi episodes 6, 7 and 8 tonight...and Idolmaster Xenoglossia episode 3..AND Gaiking episode 3...maybe some more Yugioh..dunno..Oh..I'll also watch Tactical Roar episode 1....yea..

Also...I would suggest watching Idolmaster...it has robots in it, but its not emo..its really cute actually..even if your not a big mecha fan you might like it...lol...I'm always suggesting series...

Hmm, oh! and if you did not know, me and chibi-mashumaro are sisters...yea..

Hmm, oh, we are also buying a horse..I think its a paint...Were gonna sell one of our 3 horses to buy it...

Sorry that I haven't uploaded those wallies yet..one I tried to upload was a Transformers movie one..which is not anime...so I that ones not gonna get uploaded...geez, can't theotaku make a non-anime section? so annoying..lol hopefully I won't get banned...or sumthin...that would suck T.T A LOT....
Well, I was thinking of uploading the Transformers one to Photobucket...and then making a link to it...yea..that would work..
Well...I did that...So here it is! just click or copy and paste the link~desu:
The word in the bg are the lyrics to No Way Back by Nami Tamaki..WOW! this wall is really similar to my Sazabi one XD.
hmm...I haven't posted any amvs, Soooo, I'll post one this time:

Its another one of those character Opening thingies...and whoever made them (not me of course) Has like...MAD SKILLZ! so awesome!
The Song is Power of Sound by Ace.

A while ago I ordered somthing of the internet..that costed like 80 bucks...I saved up 80 bucks...and I bought it..but my mom just got a letter from them and said they backordered it TT.TT WHICH SUX...A LOT!

Hmm, I should think about ening this post soon, its getting pretty long, like..really long..
so have a good day!

~Mi Chan

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