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Sunday, October 2, 2005

hey.. its been long.. but the perlims are long gone.. now that's left is the o levels.. and i have to study for them...(only 5 weeks more to go!!! DX)that means no computer for the month of October!! XS well, see you guys soon anyway..the comic of the month will also be updated soon.. just need to find a good one..^^ bye..

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Friday, September 23, 2005

ah..nya~!!! Exams are here but it will be soon over as i only have 2 more papers to go so Kambate everyone out there who's having tests, exams or what thing that you must do whether it is by force or voluntarily. Changed the web's skin based on Peacemaker Kurogane not a bad anime a lil yaoi i think also T.T i missed yesterday's episode by not recording into a video tape along with Scrapped Princess too!!!!T.T

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Teehehehe... I got a recently file from a very resourceful friend hahaha...i got 2 torrent files of the Hagane No movie ( FMA fans you'll konw what it is!!!). He says the perosn filmed it in a cinema in Japan..haha so he/she got it way before the dvd was out..which is kinda like piracy in my homeland and the resolution is not really good..so got to bear with it. I have not watch it yet..but there's a spoiler that if you cant stand the wait.. you could read it dispite that i advise that its better to wait for the real dvd verison..and here's the spoiler.


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Sunday, September 4, 2005

yohoo..i'm among the top 10,000!!! Yay!! Haha.. small glory for me..abyway.. changed my site's skin according to my latest wallpaper of Fullmetal Alchemist but somehow the picture, background and the music keeps unavailable.. must speak with Yahoo! about that.. Anyway, its been and an "ok" for the past 2 weeks.. had a FMA marathon till 4 o'clock in the morning, helped an extremely cute kitten find a home and bought ORANGE RANGE's Second album 'MusicQ" now waiting for Home Made kazoku's "Rock The World" ablum to be on sale at HMV abd having to spend a week's holiday on studying for the prelimiaries and the o levels.. Haiz.. what a week..

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

27th August 2005

I am very fasturated this whole week is in a mess.. first my dad has gone fanatic over my granny and is like taking extremely careful steps to preserve her life!! I understand that he is being filial but he doesn't have to be picky with my mum, sister and me, especially me. Then after that.. came a serious of minor accidents.. which drove me real crazy.. like stumping my toes..more quarrels with my sister and having a grudge of my dad with images of murderung him..which i will DEFINIATELY NOT do.Then came the fault at my blog where it's midi cant be played which really makes me really angry..

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Right now.. i'm idling away in my mum's office while she handles some of the administrative stuff worse of all is that today's a sunday!!! hahahaT.T anyway..this week was a little worrying fro me as i've only got 3 weeks before my prelim exams and i have not study much yet.. especially for my additional and elementry maths!!! *freaks out* well, i think i'll need to study from here on till november 22 and some FREAKING BAKAS SUGGESTED THAT THE FREAKING GRADUATION NIGHT SHOULD BE ON THE 23 November just a day after the Olevels!!! *swears* ...T.T oh well i guess i got to sacrifice 2 days for my dress.. *swears in anger again*

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Well it was a good week since i only have to go to school for 3 days hahahaha.. Anything after the national day holidays, there were 2 auspicious happenings! First one was there were some Japanese Students came to school for a morning visit! Yea.. so cool i saw them in their uniforms and they took pictures of us stydying hahaha.. The other good thing happened today right after school. All Graduating students had to stay back to get ingformed of their Chines olevels result.. and guess what?? I PASSED!! YAY!! Yeah.. i got a botherline pass and that's a big happy thing to me.. 'cos i need not have to retake my chinese paper anymore and can concentrate on my other subjects. My mum was delighted when she heard it too.. hahaha So Happy...

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Tomorrow's National Day, the day Singapore got it's independence. Well, i wouldn't want to talk much about it except that i've just done a wallpaper and its under the approval process right now.. i hope it goes through..anyway.. Changed my otaku a page skin and its like has some oriental and japanese(also to tell that one should not risk bileteral ties for the sake of a long gone history!! refer to the chinese and japanese recent conflict) tastes in it. Based on a Japanese group singers called "Home Made Kazoku" ( yea.. They sang that 2nd ending theme for bleach ^^) and i kinda like their much so i went round absorbing ideas and finidally got to this touch.. also i did a wallpaper on Urahara kisuke from bleach.. so as i have told, its under the approval stage..so i won't talk much now but i'd like to say though that i wish Singapore a happy 40th brithday.. ^^ ciao..

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   23 july 2005

Not much to say for updating but wad i can say is that on thursday was mt Brithday!! Yo..I turned 17!! hahaha.. got load of wishes from everyone around me from my school to people as far as penang, Malaysia!! I got a petit MP3 player(so cool..),a bag and 2 stuff toys which i really love!! also i received a present yesterday that isn't opened yet.. hmm..wonder what's inside.. haha..
Anyway i had a fun time and had tiramisu cake for cake this year (last year's was the happy b'day fire house ice-cream from Swensen's)and had the whole school celebrating my b'day as it was Racial Harmony Day trying out chinese, Malay and Indian dishes.. YUM! I certainly hope you had as much fun as i did hahaha.. byes..

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

   16 july 2005

Well.. its quite late now and i've got to hurry if not my sister's gonna fry me../.\(literally bullied by y younger sister) well.. the latest wallpaper soon to be published is about Ichigo and friends with the word "bleach" behind them also the color scheme is inspired by my "green and rukia" theme on my otaku page..not much yet.. and so far yesterday i had my listerning comprehension and found out that i had 2 incorrect answers and i hope i can keep it at that and no further if i wish to pass my O levels Chinese *crosses fingers*
V >.< V i don't want to retake it in November ARGH!!! *cries*

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