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Thursday, August 30, 2007


well if feels likes i haven't been on MyO in a billion years. D: well i'm only here now because i'm in school and i take a computer class :D so i'll comment for those that updated in this limited amount of time x_x

well i'm addicted to gaia and yeah... i now sometimes go on DA but no one there notices my art .___. 'cept you guys, but people here don't like to comment sometimes or vote, so its hard and yeah >> i made up my own chara! 8D but she doesn't have a name. and i made up another chara. and her name is Enko. i typed up "neko" really fast and spelled "enko" xD sweet! a accendently name!! and i do miss you guys. i've been missing out on LS's naruto fan fics!!! Dx and all of my other friends as well ;o;
so yeah. D: *hugs everyone*

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

well about the crab thing, there is paper sepreating the crab from the tin because glass or crystals will form. ^^" don't get mad at me! i got this off of a game! if anyone else how has played ape escape 2 will know what i mean! ^^" that games gives some awesome facts. so its a good game if you want to learn stuff! like i learned that if you chew gum and chocolate together, the gum will dissolve. i did it too! it just gives you a nasty taste... XP also every year, the moon moves away 3 cm or something like that. the facts are awesome! X3

well today it was really hottttt. DX and we went out and washed the car, bought some shoes and some lotion and body wash at bed bath and bodyworks. *wipes sewat off of head* it was really hot. also at the shoe store, i was having a problem with my shoes. i'm flatfooted, so its a little annoying to buy shoes since i have no arch in my foot. D: but there was this guy that kinda looked like a girl and my grandma said that he was checking me out. O_O he wasn't old or anything, its just that i'm not the kind of person that would "check out" anyone... O M gosh here we go about the whole boy and girls liking each other thing. yeah fine he was cute... but but.. ahh i don't know...

well that concludes this middle sized post. at least i gave you more to read. bye yall! *hugs everyone*

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Monday, June 25, 2007

i heard that some people don't know what otakon is. its ok, i was one of them.
the otakon is taking place in baltimore. its a giant convention and its allll about ANIME!! well now i can go so now i'm happy. :3

um... nothing else guys. *cries* its summer vacation and there's nothing to do. D:
so... bye....


1. do you know why there is paper between the crab and the tin in a can of crab meat?

the answer will be here (hopefully ^^") TOMORROW!!! be there are be *echoes*square

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Friday, June 22, 2007

ZOM GOSH! i guess i'm back for a little while. so... hi

well i updated art and didn't tell you. i updated two new art thingys. :3 go take a look when you get the chance!

also, i'm going to the otakon! i'm sooo happy. at first it was annoying because my grandma thought that the place was filled with gay/bi/lesbians, and i have no clue why but my aunt and uncle helped me out so now i can go. its a long story...

also tomorrow, i'm going to Dave and Buster's with my friends! its a game place inside of a mall. in Dave and Buster's, its an arcade and a resturant all at the same time! and you win great prizes. its not like Chuck E. Chesse folks... >_> i've always hated Chuck E. Chesse.... *screams*

well that's it on my boring summer vacation! bye now! and ya'll come back now!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hello! um... yea, im addicted to gaia.

but to day i will make get to everyone's sites. and i mean that!!

ok so today is the last day of school! X3 and the last of my stupid exams. yay!
also tomorrow is my pianos lessons and im excited about that! XD

um.. nothing much. i cannot think of anything that happened... um my account on gaia is dorkydeymx. X3
oh i also made a flip book of demyx. its awesome! i think i told ya'll that. but i don't remember. anyways there is a pie in front of him and it moves away. then demyx gets sad and starts to cry. then the pie comes back and he gets up and his stomach opens up to eat the pie. i got the idea of his tummy opening up from the pop-tarts commerical. "happy belly" XD

i've also been having a problem with my PM box. it says that i have a new message, but there is none. so its really annoying... -_-+

bye yall! :3 *purrs*

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Friday, June 8, 2007


i love y'alls comments yesterday! *hugs* thank you sooooooo much! *jumps around*

well now i can play "Path of Repentance" on the piano better! *runs around room* i love the song! i asked my piano teacher to play some of the songs and when she did, i was soooooo happy! i love those songs! she said that she liked the style of music that i perfer. X3 i like jazzy type music and i also like a little of hip-hop and R&B. but not a lot of it any more because i hate cuss words. its annoying and sometimes the words in the music are sooooo nasty. X_X

toystore! aw i lost the game. XD well i said toystore because it was from Dr. Tran on youtube. its soo weirdly funny in a weird way. X_X you can watch all seven minutes if you want...

nothing much. bye! *hugs*

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

no school!

yay its tursday and there's no school! *does dance*

to top of the no schoolness, i have piano lessons today! but i need to practice before it begins.

nothing else.i didn't get to anyones sites really and i might not get to them today. i cannot believe im slacking!!! no!!!! *3 hours later* no!!!!!!

ok im done. yay its a short post. question time!


1. are you left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous?

2.do you like to make random sounds? EX: bark, woof, meow! X3


1. im right handed. i cannot write with the other hand to save me.

2.yes. i like...aww i lost the game. but to finish the answer, i like to make random sounds. like meow. and sometimes i make little songs with the random sound...


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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


well what's up? well sorry i wasn't on the otaku. i had stupid homework. X_X i just realized that the last day of school is tomorrow! i have no school the following day, but i have exams after. so i guess its technially the end of school. because on the exam day, we don't have a regular schedule. we just have the exams. like one day i there is an exam for 4th and 5th period. i have no exams in those two classes, so i don't have to go to school! ^o^

well to explain the furtherness of what happened to my aunt here it is:

maybe at least 5 o'clock, our family in baltimore called us and said that my aunt died. we got all shoken up. then maybe at about 7:30, we got another call saying that she didn't died. so our family gave us the wrong info. you get it? well anyways, eariler that morning, she died. the funeral is tomorrow, but i'm not going because i don't want to be at a depressing place. plus i saw her a live and i don't want to see her body in the casket. it would be too sad. so im going to school tomorrow and i'm going over LWD's house. ^o^

well im soo glad that tomorrow is the last day! then i get to sleep in! and also, have you been to Gaia Online? if you want to check it out,click here. but its awesome because you can have your own avatar that you can dress up and own your own house and stuff. you can also chat with friends and submit art. there are contests there and all of that stuff. also, you can own your own website! ^o^

well i'll try to comment on your sites today!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


well today my day went ok. i had a french oral today but i didn't get called on! YAY! so now i get to study! and sorry i'm updating late! XP i kinda got carried away yesterday because there was no school. i didn't even do my homework yesterday because ther was no school. this is the first time ever that i have done this. X_X

yesterday was fun though! my little family had a BBQ and it was...fun! we were playing music as if there was a huge party going on. there was only 4 of us. ^^" but to explain the title, that same day yesterday, we got a call that my aunt died. of course this was terrible and put pressure even more on my mom because she was feeling depressed remember? well all i heard was a big cry yesterday and my grandma started crying also.oh and i forgot to mention, this aunt is my grandma's sister, which makes her my great great aunt. but anyways a little while later, we got a call that said that she wasn't dead. so now we're really ticked off that she wasn't dead, we were really happy that she was alive, but our family was giving us false info!! getting us all shoken(sp) up! but do you remember me talking about how i went to the hospital visiting her? i think i typed it in a post, but i visited her last week or two. but she was unconsious. but now she's passed away. i think it happened in the wee hours in the morning. of course im sad, the person i just met is now dead. but i'm not crying because i really didn't get to know her. i hate it when things like that happen. i really emotional(not EMO). like if my mom gives me a card that touches my heart, i start to cry. or if i watch a sad movie or if i see someone crying. gosh you might as well call me crybabygirl! XD

well nothing much else. i purchased an anime called Kiddy Grade for my ipod. i bought two episodes and i don't have a clue whats going on. @_@ if anyone's seen this, can you tell me? ^o^


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Sunday, May 27, 2007


well yesterday went great. i ate crabs and had fun with my friend. but when we came home, things started to get a little sad.

my mom as you know is mentaly ill. she was dignosed in september 2006. so its really hard because she's not the same mom liked she used to be. she takes so many pills because of this illness. but now she says that she feels sick when she takes them so they go to the doctor and they give her a shot for only some of the medicine. well they've been screwing up and she has missed her medicine for a week. and yesterday when we came home, she started crying. she said that she felt like her whole world was caving in. she called the doctor and said that she was experiencing depression. but its also because she wasn't getting her medicine! so my grandma and i went out to the CVS and it was pretty PRETTY late. it was 12:00 AM when we got there, and when we came out, it was 12:26. and we shoudln't have been there that long! the doctor called in the percription about 30mins. before we got there... but my mom took her meds and she feels better now. another problem i forgot to say is that she has had problems sleeping. so now she's sleeping downstairs. im really happy. she needs her rest. but the stupid doctor people still are debating wiether or not to give my mom her shot. my uncle said that they should sue them. i agree. they're keeping my mom from getting her meds!

also i forgot to say thank you for giving me 13 comments! *hugs* this is a new record for me! ^^

i also said in my other post below that i got a $25 apple gift card. what i ment to say is that i got a $25 ipod gift card. i said apple because that's the name of the company that makes ipod. X_X sorry Elves!

well also, there is a problem on the otaku. including two users: Cupcake.AT3 stole another user's art(who now deleted her account). so the user asked Cupcake.AT3 to please take down the art. she did it, but she got mad. she has a picture on her site that shows an angry wolf that killed something else. the angry wolf is supposed to be Cupcake.AT3 and the dead thing is that user. i'm not going to reveal her name. Cupcake.AT3 even gave death threats to this user and others that commented. i commented on that page and its looks like an essay. but i really hope this person gets reported. you can go to this site so click here.

im sorry i didnt' get to visit every's sites yesterday. i'll make sure to be there today. and thanks for returning my guestbook signing Iruka Sensei and Cash-chan!

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