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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/23/05:
cool....except the hair part >_<

Be An Anime Character by mangacatgirl
Character Name
HairShort Orange Spikey Hair
Fashion StyleGothic Lolita
AttitudeHard Worker
RoleJpop/Jrock Artist
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Result Posted on 12/23/05:

You are Halloween!

What Hoilday are you? (anime pic)
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Result Posted on 12/15/05:
.......ok. cool^-^

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Village Are You From?
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Result Posted on 12/14/05:

Creativity- Your inner power is
Creativity! Any of The Arts-music, dance, pure
art, drama, creative writing-are your passion.
You love the way you can control what happens
to you and your life while you participate in
any of The Arts, and you can push your emotions
aside when you do so. You at times can feel
very depressed and alone, and yet it only
further fuels your love for your art. Life to
you can often seem bitter and cruel, a world of
darkness with only a few tiny flares of light,
stretched out far in between one another. In a
way youre confused with what you want in your
life, and find it hard to trust people. Because
of this people of the outside world see you as
cold and uncaring, yet those who befriend you
love you a lot, and know you are only very
lonely and hurting. Boys are intrigued by your
mysterious mask, and one day, one of them will
reach passed your barriers and care for you the
way you so desperately want to be cared for.
Dont let the popular people get you down; you
are a wonderful person, and without the
creativity you bring the world, it would be a
very boring place. Love yourself for who you
are, for you are very special. Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet:
A sweet, sensitive man/woman. The guy/girl who
understands your need for being alone
sometimes. Yet also someone who would do
anything to protect you for being hurt, even if
it means giving up their life. Your stone: Jade Your power: Dreaming/Imagination Your element: Dream A quote that applies to you: Dare to
dream, dare to fly, dare to be the ever chosen
one to touch the sky.

What's your inner power? (Girls only sorry. Beautiful anime pictures, lengthy results)
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Result Posted on 12/04/05:

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What Angel Sanctuary Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 12/03/05:

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What Anime Art Style Are You?
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Result Posted on 12/03/05:

Result Posted on 11/25/05:

You are the Spirit of Sadness. Deep pain and sorrow
lie within you, betrayal, jealousy and
rejection rule your life. You cannot make
friends as you are too scared at the prospect
of being hurt again and you can't take that
risk. You wish more than anything to have a
steady person there who loves you
unconditionally but you are too scared to find

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)
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Result Posted on 11/25/05:

The Goddess of Ice and Hope. You are a creative
wonder. Always calm and collected, you hold the
awe of many people and you are exceptionally
logical. You are an inspirational beauty.

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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Result Posted on 11/24/05:

img src="http://images.quizilla.com/P/PY/PYR/pyrochild666/1132879166_0graveyard.jpg" border="0" alt="HASH(0x8b7b75c)">
Halloween: you are an awesome person! You like dark
things (like me) and you are very creative. You
are very unique, and have interesting ways of
thinking. Although some people might find you
strange or disturbing, we all know that one day
they will come to realize that we are the ones
who will end up ruling everything. hehehe...

What Holiday are you?
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