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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hentai and Anime AREN'T the same.
konnichiwa minna-san. how many of you have read the article about my stupid nations government thinking anime and hentai were the same?? I am VERY angry personally. It is stupid because they have their facts wrong or they have just carefully selected the information just to make their point. So, I sent them a letter telling them they have made the mistake and I hope they pay attention to it -.-' depending on when it was written things might have changed a bit but still.
I put up with it enough at school already. Stupid people calling shojo manga hentai so I don't want to hear it from the government.

Well, now that the "smoking" incident is gone me and my friends are back on yards. (read my last post if you are wondering)

Today I was chosen to represent my class in the geography challenge again. I got 3rd out of the whole school and if i would have had 1 or 2 more right I would have gotten first >.< D'oh! lol oh well.


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