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Friday, February 10, 2006

The wierdest event of my life.......
Hokay...It was thursday afternoon at recess. Me and my friends (Tiahnna, Kaitlin, Krista, Allyssa, Alex and Amanda) were hanging out and it was pretty cold so we went into the dugout outside of our school yard and mrs.K caught us. Surprisingly, she was pretty nice about it but she sent us to the rincipal's office. Amanda and Alex were REALLY scared because they've never got in trouble before and Tiahnna and Kaitlin were a little nervous too. Me and Krista were fine though. well, we were told to wait for the principal and Tiahnna said "I know lots of good excuses we can use!!" but, lmao, Mr.Micheluk walked in the door just as she said that >.< So, he starts asking us why we were there and we told the truth: we were talking. we really were only talking but he starts making accusations of us smoking for god's sake!!! he says "I can only think of one god reason why anyone would go out of sight and that's to smoke!" Tiahnna then really started getting nervous, amanda and alex were freaking out and I was getting annoyed and I had to restrain from laughing at the accusation. Then finally, the principal came and she is the most perky person in the world. She is so annoying sometimes but I guess she's nice. Mr. M says to her "These girls were smoking outside school boundries." so Mrs. Lowick took Alex to go check for smoke buts with her and the rest of us stayed in the office. Mr.M started asking us oour names and he knew everyone's except for mine. I said to Tiahnna " Am I really that unnoticable?" because none of the teachers know who I am lol. He split us up and we had to go to his office one by one where he bloody checked our pockets!!! Mrs. Lowick and Alex came back and surprise surprise, they found nothing. So, we had to run up and down the sidewalk as punishment which did absolutely nothing to build our character.

-_-' That was a retarded event.

They shouldn't assume....

well, that's all I have to talk about for now lol.

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