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Thursday, January 19, 2006

   Finally some stuff happened!
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OK. Once again, sorry I haven't updated for a long time ^^' But finally, someting interesting happened. A little odd but it was fun.

It happened during gym class. After we changed into our gym clothes, Me and Tiahnna went to find her shoes. SO, as we were walking up the hall...Mr. Gardner's class was doing their "In Motion" walk(I don't know if people in the states have to do it but in lots of schools in Saskatchewan do). So, people are looking at us wierdly because of our outfits because we have the wierdest gym clothes in the school. After we got her shoes, Daphne saw us and wanted HER shoes back from Tiahnna so we had to go to the lockers to get them. Tiahnna has one of the messiest lockers ever too. Thank god it's not as bad as Shyan's locker though....

On the way back, Mr. Gardner saw us and made Tiahnna throw her sucker in the garbage. 5 mins after that, tiahnna was whining about her sucker being gone so she tried to make me go get it for her. I made her come with me since I didn't wanna go alone because Mr. Gardner scares us O.o

So, we go out of the gym again to go get her candy out of the garbage. Of course, she made me get it out for her -.-' After that we ran back into the locker room to wash it off or something stupid like that lol. Then we went for gym :) we skipped the last 20 mins of it though but oh well. it was fun.

It seems just about all the male teachers in my school are either jerks and/or perverts. Mr Albert and Mr Gardner check people out and Mr Micheluk is a bit of a jerk but Mr kitts is ok though, he's one of the best teachers in our school.

After that I don't really have much to say. So,
TTYL! ~.^

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