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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

current mood:......i donno
current song: Lithium Flower(Yoko Kanno[GITS:sac ending theme])
currently: scanning pics :D

I've beeen gone for so long ^^' sorry. nothing's really been happening lately besides Jelani singing to britney spears and hilary duff at school.

Yesterday all I did was sit out in the rain after school drink tea, and read. after a few minutes the rain had turned to hail....then it turned to snow. so, the next morning the streets and EVERYTHING had a thick layer of ice. The weather isn't even cold this year like it usually is. it's only about -20 when it's usually -50. thats nice. I got a new jacket. it sorta reminds me of one Cagalli always wore in the desert except more army like. I LOVE IT!! I got my new issue of shojo beat magazine. I've been waiting for so long for it to come.
ok maybe more like, 2 weeks but still. TOMARROW I HAVE NO SCHOOL IN THE MORNING YAY!!

well, thats all for now. ttyl!

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