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Thursday, December 22, 2005

   Meri Kurisumasu Minna
hey hey. I've been sending out my Christmas cards to people on my friends list. I hope everyone got them and I didn't miss anybody.

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CHRISTMAS BREAK IS FINALLY HERE! YAY!! I usually get to open presents weeks early 'cause no one's here for christmas. So far I got money, scanner, a CD (oral fixation vol.2), a shirt and christmas socks and thats all I can think of for now :D I also have to exchange one today too so that'll be fun. For once we have a nice tree too. Our other ones were scrawny and cluttered. I can't wait until boxing day when I go to Prince Albert to see my dad. It's always so fun there. This year my uncle and my grandma will drive though........that'll take long. They always have to stop for picnics and stuff. I'll still update my site though. well, thats all for now.

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