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Sunday, December 18, 2005

mood: bored
song: Nagisa ni Matsuwaru etc -Puffy AmiYumi

YAY!!! I FINALLY GOT A SCANNER XD XD. ok besides that...My bro and his girlfriend came over yesterday for Christmas. They came early because they wouldn't be here on Christmas. Alot of times it's just me here. I still have about a week till Christmas break and I'll have homework during it!!!that sucks, oh well. People are still trying to make me go to the christmas dance but all I do is sit there really. I've only gone to like, 2 dances and they both sucked.


1. Who's your favourite singer/band?
2. Fave song??
3. best anime character??
4. What reminds you of me??
5. best food?
6. Are you constantly surrounded by idiots??
7. second language??
8. What's your best class??
9. What's your favourite class??

well, thats all for now ~.^
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