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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gonna watch Ghost in the Shell tonight XD
HI EVERYBODY!!! ok, the school is getting really dumb. The teachers decided they should escort their classes to and from the door all the time. I bet it was Mr. Albert and Mr. Micheluk that decided that. Maybe Mrs. Lowick too. Besides that, Me and tiahnna were passing notes in class and our notes are really wierd. Well, the teacher just so happened to see me pass it to her and tiahnna had to take it to her. WEll, we were laughing as the teacher read it. She had a wierd expression on her face lol. It said 'Ok write something long got it?' so i put 'OK! MMMMM...ATHRUN. sooooooooo what movie will you bring??? well. i cant think of anything else so: NIHON!!!! XD XD' ( me, her and demi always say nihon for some retarded reason lol) Luckily, the note wasn't too bad like most of them, which is good. They are usually a little less retarded and WAY better too.

Me and Kristy were making prank calls and throwing oranges at each other also. she just came right now actually and yelled "HERE!!!! CHEESE!!!" and shoved it in my face. It caught me by surprise.
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