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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

GRRRRRRRR! I GOT A FLU!! I'm mad now because of that. lol everything makes me mad. Oh well, got to stay home from school. Lately at school though it has been quite interesting. Brandon keeps being an idiot in math class. He glues paper to his eyebrows and rips it off after a few minutes. he also said to another guy 'OH YA? Well you know what you are? YOURE A DILDO!' Ya, thats right. i called you a dildo sista so suck it up!'Pretty stupid huh? well, the vice principal was standing at the door listening to everything he said. we were all laughing at him and he looks back and goes 'oooooooooooooooooh' and hits his head on his desk and starts laughing. He does stuff like that every math class so it was sorta like friday all over again. Thoses people stopped bugging us. they sneer at us everytime we walk down the hall which tempts me so much to make a face at them. But, I wont. lol. i got anew AMV up at the bottom of my page too. My Best friend had it on her site too. You should go see it her username is K.Mister. AND I GOT 101 GB SIGNINGS AND 400 VISITS!! XD ya, i know it isn't much but it's still neat. anyhoo,
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