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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hi everyone. Ok...I don't know why Canada has thanksgiving before everyone else. Thats dumb. anyways, THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME AND MY FRIENDS!!! they are HUGE sluts and they are frumps and idiots too. They ask us stuff like 'You wear alot of black....are you trying to be goth?' and saying to other people ' Don't go near them. theyre bad people' AND THEY THINK WE ARE ON DRUGS!!!!!!! they are gay. one went up to my friend in the hall with her friends yelling at her for something she didn't do. I would've kicked her ass if that happened to me. She got in huge trouble though so we are laughing at her. We wish they would leave us alone but next time they come up to us we are walking past them and ignoring them. Alot of people at school hate us and we hate them too because of that. Anyways, besides that...I had a huge health quiz and I think I got a really low mark. I hope I pass because if I dont that will be my first test I failed and that ain't good. I guess school's getting funner sorta. I'll stop complaining now too because I'm sure you guys have your own rants and problems.
so, ttyl ~.^don't click this link...

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