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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ohayo Gosaimasu Minna
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Hello how are you today? Yesterday there was a fight at school. tre just came and tackled dillon to the ground and they started rolling around chocking each other. Me, krista and Kaitlin were the first ones to see it but when the teacher came and told people to stand against the wall we just snuck away. I usually dont watch fights but this one reminded me so much of yaoi. you'd have to see it and, jordan and jodel were acting gay on the bus. Other than that, we got new seating arrangements and I got stuck with the most annoying person in the class >.< thats because we are supposed to show leadership and maturity. me and the guy who got stuck with him are the most mature people in the class. I wish anthony was stilll there 'cause we would've for sure got one beside him lol. thats all for now
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