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Thursday, November 17, 2005

   HI HI!
kombanwa minna. Yesterday was anthony's last day in town T.T he's moving three provinces away. In gym class yesterday Demi, Tiahnna and I were skipping half of gym class and we were in the locker room and Demi came running to us saying she felt this wierd coold air going around her legs. So, I, being the school's pshycic and spirit senser had a look around the walls and stuff. ( ya, me and tiahnna are somewhat pshycic and I can sense vibes in rooms and stuff) we got to the far corner of the room and we felt it and it drew us to it. it was so hard to leave that spot. we stood there for a long time until we all felt like throwing up. Demi was just freaking out. tiahnna was like 'OMG OMG!!!' and I was laughing 'cause i'm used to that stuff. We went out and sat on the steps (because it was the playoffs for a tournament and none of us made it) and told Anthony, Andrew, and jodel. Anthony took us into the guys' change room and it was soooooooo dirty!! ewwwwwwwwwww! but it was so big!! then we took anthony into the girls' (using just a bit of force) we came out and told everyone what happened in there and soon there was a huge circle around us and some of the other girls got us to take them in there and they felt wierd too. we were talking about it and even came along and said ' Whats going on in this shindig' and andrew said in a bold voice 'WE ARE SUMMONING LIGHTNING!!' that made everyone laugh so hard. It was also Anthony's last day at school T.T so we rammed each other into the lockers and stuff even more than usual. HE WAS AWESOME!! today it was pretty fun at school also Jelani was doing these Kung-fu moves and he called it 'Blackanese' it was hilarious. then jodel brought some food on the bus and jelani started shoving it all in his mouth and we where seeing how much he could get before he spit it out and he got quite a bit in there actually. Me, Andrew Krista and Kaitlin are so sad that anthony is gone. Tiahnna is a little but she doesn't really like anthony because he's incredibly stupid. lol he half failed gr.6 and one year banged his head on the wall and said 'ARRRG! WHY IS EVERYBODY'S SHIRT DIFFERENT!!!' he always said 'ARG' lol. we went in the locker room again and the vibe wasn't as strong but it was still there. We guessed it had moved so all the girls were looking for it because I said I could try and contact it with them. we were looking and kaylin, kayla and Tiahnna went with me. Demi was at home unfortunately. I said 'Ok...lets turn off the lights and see if its easier' so i did and Kaylin and Kaylin ran out the door of the first room screaming. Me and Tiahnna fell to the floor laughing. It was so god damn hilarious. we just went for gym after that. We'll try again next week when Demi's here. Thats what we decided (Demi gets scared of stuff like that easily too MUHAHAHA) anyways...thats all I can think of today.
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