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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Current mood: .....neutral/pissed
Current Song: Shinkai no Kodoku
hello. I changed my bg again. I really liked my other one but...THERE WASN'T ENOUGH MECHA!! this one's nicer anyways even though the other one fit the screen better too. yesterday my friend's stupid boyfriend made me so mad!! he said he hated anime. now I can understand and accept the fact some people dont like anime but when you say a thing like 'anime is a stupid outlet for stupid ideas with no meaning whatsoever' to a person who wants to have a career with anime/manga thats going to far! And he kept going on about how it's 'supposedly gay' and japanese people are wierd it just made me want to strangle him!!!!
arggg!! I swore at him so much (in japanese of course)I HATE HIM SO MUCH!! and,I'm a HUGE yuri/yaoi fan and he said my life was messed 'cause of that!!! Its really just making up a negative vibe on himself but still!!!
well, now that thats out ttyl ~.^

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