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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

hi guys, sorry i havent been on for a while. how was your halloween? mine was great. i was a zaft soldier. on guy thought i was from some movie with bruce willis in it. thats the same person who thought i was a leprechaun last year lol (i was link from the legend of zelda). i got bad news too....we lost anthony to the preps!!!nooooooooooo!our whole group is falling apart. we're the rebels of the school some are in gangs one is the practically wiccan, emotionless anime freak (me), one has a brother in a west side gang one is REALLY boring and the other is chocked full of energy and we lost one of the key members. he was in a gang and he half failed some years and we lost him!!!(he was like the male leader)another girl is begining to go with the preps too. 2 of them just do gymnastics all day long. and one follows anthony around everywhere so he's with the preps and andrew just disappears. our group has officially been disbanded and the preps are coming for me next!!!ahh!@.@ i don't want to go back with them though because i used to be the 2nd most popular back in grade k-3.i know what it's like and now i dispise them more than anyone in the school. thats why i was female leader of our group. that sucks.
anyways, i'm gonna put more fan art up too. i just gotta use my friends scanner. i'll do that soon
anywho, ttylImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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