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Thursday, October 13, 2005

hi everyone how are you today?
today in computer class my friend anthony sat beside me and it was soooooo funny thoughout the class i wont say everything he did but i'll say some. the first thing was i asked him where he got a map for our social project. i meant the website but he's a little stupid so he pointed at the printer and said " over there" and he was serious too!!! the other thing he did was the fan blew some papers over to him ( a.k.a. dillon's homework) and he picked it up and put it back because the teacher asked him to. then, they blew over again and he said "ahhhh...these keep coming to me!!" then he crumpled them up and threw them at dillon and said "there now they wont blow at me!!! im smarter than you guys cause you probably wouldnt have figured that out." he was really serious then too. we all laughed at dillon and anthony. dillon was lauging to even though he had to redo his homework.
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