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Monday, September 26, 2005

  today at school there were these guys arguing about who should get a life and i had to break it up cause i was surrounded by them. it was such a stupid fight!!!!
jodel: ok micheal get a life
micheal: i have one!!!
jodel:*to me* ok who has more of a life
me: you (cause he did have more of a life than micheal i have to admit)
jodel: HAH!
micheal: SHUT UP!! i could waste you
jodel : whatever get a life ya tard ( his word for reterd i assume)
micheal: i have one!! and what the heck is a tard?!
patrick: hahaha cant you say hell?
micheal: i can
patrick: ok lets hear..
micheal: no
they argue some more. the same thing over and over again
finally i say: ok you two, sit down, shutup quit trying and quit making an ass of yourself!!!
they listened to me. everyone always does
anyways ttyl bye Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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