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Sunday, April 15, 2007

FINALLY back from my dad's! Yayy. I didn't really want to stay up there doing nothing for the WHOLE goddamn Easter Break but whatever...My dad's cool :D (for a guy who still collects Spider-man action figures and treats me like a baby, Lol). At least there's still tomarrow. It's really getting warm here..It was +16 or something...Which means I'm gunna need to load myself with sunscreen again -__- such a pain. But tanned skin doesn't really look good on me ._.

AND, I'm DONE my drawing finally. I didn't even screw up on it :) I didn't add a background though...because I'm too damn lazy to do so. And I suck at backgrounds. So yeah...:) Gunna submit it to TheO's fanart thingy.

And is it just me...Or does anyone else have problems with people's sites? (As in it always goes to the far side of the screen so that half the text is cut off?) Just wondering.

Well, ttyl!

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