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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hey everyone, how's it going?
Well, things are going pretty good for me. I just started school in my new town and despite the rumors of southenders being snobs, they're not as bad as people make it sound. They're only as judgemental as the rest of the world really (But the highschool I'm starting next year across the street from it is a different story lol). Yeah, the people on the south end of town all look the same unfortunately but w/e.

There's one guy that creeps me out though .__. And apparently he likes me...Like every other girl he sees. And apparently, he ate his own semen once on a camping trip. And apparently, he's afraid to ask me out. He should be haha. I also heard he gropes people and licks his lips at them and he's really ugly. If he ever does that to me though I'm gunna kick in his ballsack so hard he won't be able to dig it back out again >:o (Not really that hard though...because it hurts like hell I'm sure)

But yeahhh...I'm going to do a new profile theme too. I don't know what though... Miyavi? Gazette? Diru? Probably one of those.

But until then...I'm off! Ttyl <3

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