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Thursday, July 20, 2006

1st days the worst, the 2nd is the best...

I must say, I starting to hate signing gb's at the moment and I 've barely signed any. I went back to my old site and started to get resign all those people gb's who signed mines. And that is extrememly annoying. Whatever, that's what I get for restarting. I noticed many people believe I'm depressed, so I wish to clear this up. I have depressed tendencies, but I am not completely. Yes, there was a time when I was (hence my old name), but things have began to look up, so I changed. Now, people are wondering now, "What's with your fricken' site then? I mean, just look!!!" I, myself, find beauty in sadness and darkness. These things truly find a way of creeping into your soul and give an insight to another way of life. Also, I believe I was destined to feel this way by my birth name, which means darkness. Coincidence, huh?

What sucks though is that I decided to restart at the worst possible moment. I'm leaving in less than a week for a two week basketball tournement in... EUROPE!!! Sure, it's going to be the sport everyday, but still. I'm happy, I have gotten better at play b-ball (made starting varsity my freshmen year), though these teams play 8 hours a day and my team hasn't even had 1 practice yet. Joy... Also, I'm leaving tomorrow on a tournment, too, so I won't be able to be on until Monday, so sorry about the short period of stay.

I also want to know if you all want the return of the psychopathic stalker or not. I've been thinking of letting him out of my closet (yes, I kept him there for that long), but with some certain... how may I say it... rules, maybe? Whatever, we'll see

Until our paths cross again

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