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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Return of the Unmissed

Well, hello to all of myotaku. If you don't know )or (don't remember) me, I was once Unloved Girl. But as you may see, I'm not now. And y'alll want to know why... Cause now I'm LOVED... slightly... But it's better now. And the source of my name is from one of my OC character's from Naruto (my favorite of all the characters I've done). Plus, it's kinda my name in Japenses, lol... yah, I'm vain, get used to it. I'm still in those clubs you see up there, I just have to inform those people of who I am now... (maybe I should have done that earlier). As my intro says, I'm taking commissions for stories you want written and such and... well... a;; that's left to say is that I missed you all and I hope that me coming back is in your thoughts for more than a second.Oh, yeah,I'm going to be re-adding all my friends.

Until our paths cross again...

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