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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Me and My Guy Robert
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Friday, April 14, 2006

My selfesteem is so low
So many people torturing me
Not wanting to leave me alone
Forcing me to suffer
In a sea of misery
An utter suffocation
That's slowly consuming me
It hurts and pains me so
All of my dreams and aspirations
I am forced to let go
Makeing me cower in a corner
In such fear
All this pain inflicted on me
Is more than I can bear
Such a heavy load
Forced on my fragile shoulders
All those taunts
On me
With a weight of a boulder
And to think that these feeling were
By just a few words
Just a few taunts
These few owrds caused me
Self inflicted wounds
Making me think they were true
But my question is
How could they find
Such a
Small word to describe
A thing that causes so much
Damage,pain,and strife
This words causes
Many people to cower in fright
This words that causes pain
This word is

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Life of Darkness
She lives a life of solitude

She lives a life of pain

She lives in a place where both friends and enemies

Force her to live a life of shame

She says she doesn’t care

She acts like she never hears

But it’s a lie…

She does

She acts like she fine...


But it’s just an act

She’s not

She’s trapped

Living a life of darkness

No light shines inside at all

She feels like she’s suffocating

Like she has fallen in a

Bottomless pit

Plunging straight down…

A never-ending fall.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Would you cry if I died
This is a poem I meade during class.Please read it and tell me what you think.

Would you cry if I die?
Whenever that may be
Would you take the time?
To shed tears for me
Would you even care?
That I’ll be gone for good
Would you give it any thought?
Thought you know you should
Would you even take some time?
To give me some thought
Would you even know?
That I loved you a lot
Would you even remember?
The last thing I said that day
Would you even remember?
The last thing I said that night
Would you think I gave in?
Without putting up a fight
Would you ever take sometime?
To pray for me
Would you think about the things?
I’ll never get to see
Would you ever take some time?
To visit my grave and weep
You know the place
Where I shall forever remain asleep
Would you cry if I die?
Whenever that may be
Would you take the time?
To shed tears for me?

so was it good?plz tell me!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

   My First Fanfic!
12 SongsThese are 12 songs that are sure to get Inuyasha mad.

Kagome-I am so bored!

Kagome had been in the feudal era for a couple of weeks and had brought a miniature dvd player with her. She had shown that gang all types of movies. She brought her jukebox too and had let them listen to all of her favorite songs.

Shippo- please be quite Kagome I’m trying to watch Elmo!

Kagome-Sorry Shippo.

Sango- I am so bored!

Shippo- Not you too Sango!

Miroku’s hand inch forward.

Sango- Don’t you even think about it!

Inuyasha-Can ya all shuddup! I am getting really tired of all of you just babbling away1

Kagome- I think I have a way to amuse our selves.

Sango- What is it Kagome.

Kagome leaned over and whispered in her ear. Then Sango leaned over and whispered in Miroku’s. Inuyasha looked real confused. But he thought that he they would tell him so he did not bother to listen. Miroku leaned over and whispered in Shippos ear.

Shippo- let me go first!

Kagome- Go ahead.

Now Inuyasha’s really confused.

Shippo- la la la la la la la la Inuyasha’s world. He loves Kagome and Kikyo too!…

Inuyasha was caught of guard.

Inuyasha- what u say runt!

Miroku-If you’re a demon and you know it clap your hands!

Kagome-If you’re a two timer and you know it clap your hands!

Inuyasha-What in the 7 hells!

Shippo-You put your tail in you put your tail out you put your tail in and you shake it all around….

Kagome-Now this one is going to make me a bit sad but what the hey. You love me and love her…

Miroku- Wait I have another one! Anything Inuyasha does Sesshomaru does it better. Sesshomaru can do everything better than you…

Kagome-Behind those golden eyes….

Inuyasha just standing there with his mouth completely open.

Kagome-No I don’t want your sword No I don’t wanna give you mine And no I don’t wanna meet you nowhere And no I don’t wanna got to your time!

Kagome-I got another one! Whenever wherever I’m not sure we’ll be together…

Miroku-Breaking up is easy to do when you’re a hanyou…


Kagome-Do we belong together?

Sango-Kagome’s Koga’s back and there’s gonna be some trouble hey la hey la Koga’s back…

Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo were practically on the ground laughing.


Kagome-We were bored we had to do something.


Kagome-What should we do something else.

Inuyasha-yeah please do!

She turned to the others.

Kagome- Does anybody want to play musical chairs?

Inuyasha-What’s that? Looking mildly interested.

Kagome-It’s a game you have to put about 4 chairs. Your suppose to play music and everytime the music stops you have to grab a chair and sit


Kagome-I’m getting tired let’s set up camp!

Inuyasha-Kagome…I’ll give you five seconds to run.



Kagome- gulps


He runs after Kagome.

Kagome-SIT BOY!


The End

This is my first completed fanfiction. So hope you like it. Review please! Make love not war. Latina Jun

heh heh this is my first fanfic ever!plz read and tell me what ya think!

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