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Hi. No, L.S. Rose is not My real name. It's a pen name. I'm not going to be useing this site as a journal for my life, but as a site for my new story. It's a Harry Potter fanfic. Please, if you have any comments, weather optimistic or cunstructive critizm, I would love to hear them and feel free to comment on my page, I'm not going to make you private message me. If someone does feel like they need to private message me, I'm glad to here from anyone. Oh, and, if there are any misspellings or typos, I apologize. I'm still working afew things out. Now, I hope you enjoy my story!

L.S. Rose

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ok, so,I'm sorry if I don't get anything up for the next few days. I'm out of town and I'm borrowing a guys laptop to be able to post this. The reason I'm out is cuz my aunt died....she was only four yours old...there was a complication when she got her toncels out and she choked to death on her own blood...I have to attend the funeral but I don't think I'm gunna go up and look at her...something about seeing a dead little girl who was so happy and pretty just seems wrong....It seems like only yesterday I was playing hide and seek with her...oh well...it was God's will...I'm out.


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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ok, so, read my geeting to the page and that should basicly sum up the main idea of my page. So, hear's what the story is about. It's takeing place after the fith book (but it doesn't follow the story of the sixth, sorry. I don't want Harry to leave Hogwarts.) The main character is going to be a girl named Alice. She is 16 (the same age as Harry) And alittle on the short side for her age. She's 5'4 and not your usual supper skinny, skelital looking kind of girl. She's normal sized and still pretty cute. She's pale, considering that she grew up in Ireland where it's always cloudy. She has long sandy hair with strikeing blue eyes. Everything else about her will follow with the story. But, she has a best friend names Saphron and Alice thinks she's gorgeous. Saphron is the polar opposite of Alice. She's tall, thin, flirty, and outgoing. She has long very light brown hair and dark, deep eyes. Ok, I think I covered everything about them...Ok, enjoy! :3
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