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Monday, March 21, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com YES..YES..YES!!! Finally Iím done, all the ink all the messed up copies all the hand cramps, but I donít care its all wroth it because Iím finally done with the font cover of my first manga I call it KIDDY NAP. I tried to pick a name that goes with the story . The funny thing is that I donít have a complete story all planned out yet but I have some things in my mind, most of them are dealing with the main charter Bishoujo (the girl on the cover). Even with the lack of thoughts in my head I steal can manage to make a summary of the manga . It is going to start off with a girl named Bishoujo she is about 18 but her problem is she has the body of a twelve year old and has trouble getting boys her own age to notice her. Iím trying to make it into a comedy-action. Hopefully I can get the manga rolling soon and get the first chapter out and hopefully youíll keep up with it. Please leave a comment if you like the cover and the B/W cover will be in the fanart.
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