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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

Hey everyone! Welcome to my site! Please my only request is that you SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! Oh and none of the drawings on here were created by me so I give full credit to the artist. Enjoy ^^

Brothers - Vic Mignogna
Precious Diary

Hey everybody! What’s up? I didn’t get on yesterday because I wasn’t feeling good last night and I needed some more sleep. Yeah, that’s right. I am officially sick. Ugh. I hope I haven’t gotten the flu or something.

So how is everyone today? I’m good besides being sick. Today my dad and I spent most of the day together. First we went to Circuit City (we both love technology) and he bought himself a new stereo for his new truck because his old one was really crappy. We also went to go see “Jumper”. It was fairly good, but not as great as I personally expected. It should have had more of a story line.

After that my dad and I went to an arcade and shot some pool…..he beat me of course. He is really good! I tried so hard too >_< Oh well…..

So I guess I’ll see all of you around. Oh wait, thanks for the info on how to comment now everybody! I love all of you eternally! See you!

Quote of the day:
Walter: My wife and I heard that coffee's good for your sex life.
Jeff Dunham: Coffee?
Walter: Yeah.
Jeff Dunham: Is it?
Walter: No. It kept me awake through the whole damn thing! I actually had to participate. Doctor said it's bad for my heart, too.
Jeff Dunham: All the caffeine?
Walter: No, seeing my wife naked.
Jeff Dunham: That's awful.
Walter: Oh, you've seen her, too?
Jeff Dunham: So, is coffee good for the sex life or not?
Walter: I don't know. But, they're never gonna let us back into that Starbucks again.

Icon of the day:
I know exactly how you feel ed <_<…>_>

Pic of the day:

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