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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

Hey everyone! Welcome to my site! Please my only request is that you SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! Oh and none of the drawings on here were created by me so I give full credit to the artist. Enjoy ^^

Brothers - Vic Mignogna
Precious Diary

Hello everyone! Im sorry i havent been on in the last two days. I was very busy and I didnt have time to visit anybody so i wasnt going to make any of you sit through one of my post either ^^ Fair is fair.

Okay my main subject for today is an egg drop project that im doing in biology. What we are supposed to do is build a device that will keep an egg safe from a 30 foot fall. The device has to be a pound or less and can't be lighter than air. Also the egg can't be boiled, so i was spending all day thinking about this and...well, just look what my thoughts turned into:

I call it "Punky Dumpty" lol....it hurt really bad to put all those tooth picks in though.....owie.....

okay so i have another pic for you that i took today. It's another one of my puppy ^^ I wuv him so much, even if he is destructive above all reason....here's the pic:

He has grown sooooo much....well it seems like that to me lol ^^

ok ill go ahead and get some sleep, even if i dont need it (I've been able to sleep late for 4 days ^^ yay!) Ill see all of you around!

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Remember: Don't Insult the Alligator till after you cross the river.

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which is completely true (yeah right lol) but im just too lazy i guess.....

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