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Thursday, March 6, 2008

   i am a hyper crazy freak right now!!!!!!!!
Time: 5:58 PM
Song: Time of Dying (Three Days Grace)

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.
-James Branch Cabell



Or not. I was supposed to be off the computer at 6, but whatever Screw Mom. XD Haha.

So, I finally figured out where Version Vibrant was! I thought WE were getting it, too, but I finally figured out it was just theO. Lol.

Here's my "World": [subscribe to me if you want! And leave the URL for your World in your comment if you want me to subscribe to you!]
MY Piece of the Pie!

*laughs* I swear, that title is never going to get old. XD So, my opinion on Version Vibrant: I like how you're supposed to submit Fan Words, but I don't like how you have to save your background image before you can actually put it on your site. I don't like how you can't move the comment box to see what exactly you're supposed to be commenting on.

But besides that, everything else is pretty cool. It's easier to use HTML on VV, in my opinion. You have no idea how many HTML codes I've memorized since I've joined this website. XD Which is probably pathetic.

So about my day! The nitty gritty (??). I'm REALLY REALLY hyper today, for whatever reason. Let's just get that out of the way. XD

I was scaring a lot of people...That's the generalization of it.

OMG...Spanish. SPANISH. Spanish was so awesome today!!

We played this vocab game. Senorita Sosa made these flash card-ish thingies and taped them up on the board, and she made 2 groups of them, one set of cards on one side of the board, one set of cards at the other (they were the same set of cards). Two people went up to the board, and Senorita'd say a vocab term and we'd have to pick which card it was (they were pictures) before the other person did. And if you won, you got to shoot this little basketball into a makeshift hoop (a garbage can xD) and depending on if you missed or got it, you got your team 1 or 2 points.

My team consisted of me, Shoshana, Bobby Z (his "real" name's Robert XP), Poodles (T///T), Elle, Alex, Dominique, and Joey. Quite the exciting team. *snorts*

We actually ended up winning, but that's not the point. We were really competitive XD Haha. Someone would go up to the board and we'd all be like "No pressure, no pressure! You can do it, [insert name here]! You can do it!" And the other team's just kind of like "..." XD Lol.

And then if they got it right, we'd high-five them as they sat down or whatever...

OMG. This is where the exciting part comes in!!!

I returned to my seat, smiling shakily at my team members; I had done it, but I had missed the basket when I went to take the shot, thus winning us only one point instead of two. It was true-I'm a horrible shot (and I am...I'm always way off.)

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I said to them, laughing at myself and tapping Shoshana on the shoulder; the next person to go up.

"It's fine, you did fine!" Dominique said, smiling reassuringly at me. I grinned back.

"Erm, yeah, you did...I didn't know that one", a way-too-eerily-familiar-voice said from behind me. Dammit, I thought. I could already feel my cheeks burning. Dominique gave me a questioning look. I ignored her.

"Uh, yeah, thanks. I still really suck at the whole shooting thing, though."

Poodles grinned, waving his hand carelessly. "Eh, it's alright. I suck at that, too." I giggled.


XDDDD *squeal* So yeah!! HE ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME!!!! Yay! Isn't that exciting?!

Yeah, that's all the *news* I have for now. Nothing else of huge importance happened today. Except for Sadie and Tevan accusing me of doing crack because of my hyperness. (Which is totally not true, by the way. The crack thing.)

*ninja mode*


*sneaky look at the doorway* Okay, I don't think anyone's caught me yet. But I'd better go! XD *glomps* More of my uber-exciting life tomorrow. Lol. *glomps again*


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