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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   my english teacher is pure evil.
Time: 7:21 PM
Mood: Annoyed
Song: Take You There (Sean Kingston)


The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.
-Joe Ancis


OMG. Mrs. Glasby is so retarted!!! We have to write these biographies, and of course, she gives me the one person who doesn't seem to exist. I can't find ANYTHING on a "Robert Butler" that is related to our topic on the internet. And the library doesn't have anything, either. No books on him, nothing on the internet about him. So how can he be so important? T.T God only knows.

So yeah, I changed my theme because now it's March! And you know what that means-Green! ^-^ So yup, that's indeed my theme. And I added some other HTML stuff to it, too. ^_~ (You should notice it when you go to click on the Comment link. ^^ I spent a long time fixing it up.)

Errrrr...Should be researching...but it's so frustrating when you don't even know anything about the guy! I really have no clue what Butler's supposed to have done in his lifetime; what we're focusing on in English this semester is Intolerance/Tolerance, so I assume that he's somehow related to that. (What I mean by the tolerance stuff is like people judging because of religion, race, age, etc. Or they're people who work to prevent that kind of social intolerance. *nods* Yeah.)

Grrrrr. So. Oh yeah! I've made a decision, partly thanks to your guys' advice ^^ and partly thanks to the SV band! My high school's band is having a concert pretty soon.

And guess who's going with me? *nudge nudge* My friend that I was gonna go to Cominghome with! ^_^ Yay! So now I can still see him and go to the movies with my friends. Everybody's happy XD

So yeah...I slipped on the ice today. I was going to get into the car this morning, and all of a sudden, WHAM! I was on the ground. It was pretty intense! XD And it kinda hurt. But I got over it. XD Lol.

I thought VV was supposed to come today? Apparently not. But I've also heard it was supposed to have come yesterday (Emmah), it was supposed to come today (Coco), and it's supposed to come on Monday (Zakuro-san).

I love how we know almost everything about VV except for when it's actually going to come. XP Haha.

I have no clue what's going on with it, but I seriously wish it would come! This is starting to get annoying. Cut the hype and just put it on here already! T.T" Sheesh.

Emmah, we really should go and own Adam's ass! XD As you said not too long ago. Nah, just kidding. Adam is amazing! XD

Oooooooo...I'm listening to Matchbox 20. I just got their CD a little while ago. They're really good, but a lot of their songs I didn't even know they sung! o.O Heh. Like this "Unwell" song:

Yup. Dude! You guys have to see this. If you're a friend of Emmah's and comment on her posts regularly, you've probably already seen it, but I think it's hilarious!

The Beastly Hovercat!

XDDD LOL! It cracked me up. XP Indeed it did...

Well. Gots to go finish some researching! *glomps* SAYONARA!!!

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