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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sorry all

Well sorry about last time's post and sorry again for the difficulties my site's been having. I haven't been able to get on much lately so it's been difficult. but at least now you an comment (haha)

So yes, I'm back for the moment, though when my crazy summer will take another turn, I know not. Oh well.

So I have an exciting story to tell you, settle round!!

Bet you can't guess what this is!!

Well I will tell you. It is my Devil Possessed Stove. haha

So I was sitting watching The Andromeda Strain (GOOD MOVIE!! What I want to do with my life!!! :D Epidemiology all the way!!) So yea, we were watching it when my bright little sister decided that she wanted to make Mac'n Cheese.

So she sets the noodles in the boiling water and leaves it, and of course as Mac'N Cheese does, it overflowed. Well we went and stopped it when the stove started making this scary clicking noise, we turned all the knobs to off and went back.

Well next time we look over the stove is smoking like white, smelly smoke smoking. So we run over and open up the stove and the little heat making thing at the top was glowing.

We just stared for like...20 seconds. and then, my cool headed-ness kicked in and I looked at my mom and said, "Mom go flip off the electric breakers." so she runs frantically, almost falling down the stairs and then from downstairs I just hear 'click click click' as my mom flips all the electricity in the house.

It was pretty funny haha

So yea that was my adventure for the day :D

All right!

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