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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too bored to handle xD

Hellow all :) How is you?
IIIIIIiii am bored. and bored + me = very bad. haha I think up the most incalcuable situations EVER when I'm bored.

So the reason of my boredom is because I am sick I hate being sick. It sucks cuz #1 you feel like friggin crap and #2 you can't do anything unless you wanna freakin barf.


So anyways, Silove and I made a pact that we should work to get better at realism (haha) I don't think I'm doing that. Though I can draw eyes really well...that's pretty much it D: it's so sad
But I'll probably work on it so if you see real...ish pictures up from me...don't be too surprised, and brace yourself for an eye sore

Well that's pretty much it, other than to say that I'm kind of bored of this theme so I will probably change it (again)
This time I think I'll do a Gackt Theme.


AGH!! Miyavi's so cute!!! o>///

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