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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frick yes!

Agh!! Finally the dirty deed is done!!! xD
I have finally got this STUPID THING to work!! *kicks* Ha!! Showed you! XP

So anyways, how is everyone? :) as you can tell I'm rather happyish at the moment, I've been working with these codes and now have just barely gotten them to work with me.
I was so happy.

haha but yea, I've been ok and Prom's on Sat. then school will end and I will be FREE for the summer. I cannot wait.
haha sorry, I'm being random today.
Happy random day.


Backing as far back on the small island as she could she prepared to take off, to get away from the cloud that was ever advancing, having felt her aura. Suddenly four scaled, glistening hands shot out of the water and held her ankles, anchoring her to the island. She screamed and looked down at two watery, green faces, smiling up at her from under the waves.

“What are you doing?!” she yelled at the Atlantians, trying to kick them off, shaking her wings furiously. One, a man, brought his head out of the water. She glared and said, “I’m the Peace Negotiator from Avalon!” she cried, trying once again to back away from the roiling, massive Being Eater that was now almost to the edge of the scant island.

“Oh, we know exactly who you are, Princess Takeo of Avalon.” he replied smoothly, trying to hide his apparent apprehension at being so close to the Eater. She gasped; they had done this on purpose. They’re trying to assassinate me! She thought in fury, looking frantically for an escape from the gray mass now moving greedily across the small island.

Suddenly the hands gripping her ankles loosened, then were gone and she suddenly heard two pain filled screams come, muffled, from the water. She took off but was suddenly jerked painfully back to the island gasping at a searing pain emanating from her leg. Looking down she saw a tendril of gray, smoke like matter slithering up her calf.


haha so there you go :) Yet another story of mine
Tell me what you think and tell me if you're getting sick of these little paragraphs cuz I won't put them up anymore if you are :)


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