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Friday, April 11, 2008


Hello all :)
So Driffter my love had a few questions last time so here you go.

1. The FORKS are what me and my friends call ourselves either the FORKS or the Freeks which stands for Freakin Dorks or Freakin Geeks 8D Whichever you prefer xD
Anyways, I'm designing websites for my friends and I just for some funs

2. the post box does look a little funny I know D: I am currently in the middle of trying to get it to cooperate with me but as you can tell...it's not working to well right now TT_TT

I'll get it down eventually.

So there ya go :)

Ok so I don't know what's wrong with me but I just haven't been in the mood to write lately *sniff* it's rather sad ToT
I don't know if I just need to wait for the random urge to hit me or if I need to force myself to write but anyways....anyone have some good tips to get over writer's block?

But I have been drawing a lot of pictures lately and quite a few that I'm rather proud of :D it's pretty fun.

I've actually noticed a trend about that, it's usually that when I'm drawing a lot and pretty well I can't write at all, and when I'm writing a lot I can't ever draw...alas, it sucks.

But enough complaining :) You can go anywhere to hear that.


This little segment is from an entirely different story that the one from last time's post, please don't be confused

I gasped as I sat up sharply, holding my hand to my aching head.
Why did I have that dream? I wondered, silently shaking my head.

I looked around, squinting through the green light that filtered through the thick leaves hundreds of feet above my head. The clearing seemed undisturbed. But something had woken me up.

I stood silently putting my Katana back on my belt from where it had fallen of my lap when I fell asleep, watching the bushes around me at all times. I shook my head and blinked hard. It felt as if there was a deep vibration that I could feel but not quite hear, bouncing around in my head.

I did silent stretches, repeating the well learned movements without a thought. I had been stretching as soon as I woke up for years. Old habits are hard to break.

I bent down and effortlessly touched my feet, bouncing up and down slighlty. Nearby I heard a small snap.
I stood up calmly, placing my hand the the hilt of my Katana, rolling up onto the balls of my feet.
Then I realized what had woken me up. The cursed thrumming in my ears, the deep vibrations that I felt meant one thing. Another Elemental.

The End?

So there you go :) Once again I hope you enjoy it and please point out any mistakes I may have made.

Oh and one thing, when I actually put the stories up they may not be exactly like these as I just wrote these as I wrote my post so...yea.

Anyways, I gotta go :)


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