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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ok *buckles down* time to get it done! >,



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Currently I am: Feeling very good actually ^^

Okies here we go ^^; It's time I got to work hehehe I've gotten rather lazy in responding to my PMs and I'm srry I'll work on that. But I've dedicated myself, currently, to responding to all my PMs at least once a week.

Other than that I'm pretty good, Deviantart is a tonO fun..^^; It's mostly me watching all the awesome artists and uploading something every once in awhile hehe
Oh and I'm on Gaiaonline.com too!! It's so fun!! *ILOVEFISHING!* So if anyone of you is on there too my name is Sesshawn you can search me up and add me and I'll add you!!

No other ground-breaking announcements--WAIT!! that just reminded me that I've read Kare Kano vol. 2&3 *couldn't get my hands on vol. 1 and wasn't patient enough to wait for it*

Oh, sorry my post is so short today I have nothing to say ^^; *donthateme*
Here's the animation of the day!

Cyas!~KK and do some healthy fishing!! XD

Thanx for droppin by!!!

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