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Monday, February 12, 2007

XD Yay!!! *spins then falls over* @,@



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Currently I am:...NESS!!! XD *and yes, I create my own names for my moods X3 *

So....yea I'm in a pretty good mood today! Cuz actually woke up when I wanted to for once ^^; *not so good at that anymore* and, I decided to stop messing around *for now* with an all new site design and just make my site functional again ^^;

Well I've decided to tell you that I'm currently OBBSESSED (sp?) with the song "Mama" by My Chemical Romance....and I don't know why you'd wish to know that but I decided that you do ^^

And Happy Valentines Day all!!!

OH!! Ok, I thought I'd let everyone know that Shishou is all right!! TT_TT She was almost stuck in a fire the other day but she got out and she's pretty much okay now. *ugh I was so worried...*

Alright....let's see, whoo calm down -_-''' Man when I read her sister, >Driffter's, post, from when she wasn't out of the fire yet I was almost hysterical, not funny. I'm just happy she's okay now. *runs and glomps Shishou*

Oh! *looks at time* I've gotta go to school now so I'll see you all laterz!!!! XD XD

Here's the animation of the day!

Cyas!~KK and no playing with matches *whaks* that's my job X3

Thanx for droppin by!!!

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